by Child Bite

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released March 27, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Koltay at High Bias (Detroit, MI). Mastered by Weasel Walter (San Francisco, CA).



all rights reserved


Child Bite Detroit, Michigan


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Track Name: Wrong Flesh
this body's not for you...

a sign, a seal,
a moon unpeeled
reaction, simply a must
a forging of trust
exit your home
forget all your friends

wet lips
keen tips
bleak dream
open your eyes
know what you see is

i told you once
I'll tell you again, it's

to mine, to steal
the voice unreal
masked hope, sinking in dust
compulsion a bust
hold your breath
be unto me
Track Name: The Nab Munch Is On
Drool from an inferior face
With features drawn by a trembling hand
A thing born only of ill-fortune

I stand tall with pride
And you're getting old, and you're not alone
Ears of a savior are deaf to you

I know that you know the nab munch is on

My new friends,
All mixed up in a throbbing mass
I see you as my collection

I know that you know the nab munch is on

Crawl (x3)
Grind (x3)

Find your way back to me
A white hot crypt built with divine grace
No this is not the right place for you

I know that you know the nab munch is on

All you can say for yourself
After all of those years,
Sucking that spoon once used to stir minds into soup
A warm, thick, welcoming broth
For more tender beasts to sip from
Poisoning what chance at achievement they might have
Until all but the strongest are left writhing and lashing
And wincing from your debilitating tricks
While your delusions continue to build
Stroke after stroke with that wild-eyed hunger
That only a dog can read
Track Name: Smear Where The Face Was
Scoop the past and the shell remains
A negative mask, a vanity stain
From this path I know I will not stray
The bottom's not so far after all

I will SMEAR where the face was
Nothing more or less
SMEAR where the face was
Where it goes who knows
(i know what you're gonna say)

Lag behind or standing still
Impulse is fear, and fear you will
A simple gesture made to erase
debris that took me years to create.
I've found a solution, and this one stays;
Just eyes and holes and no mistakes.
(just eyes and holes and eyes and holes…)

And a SMEAR where the face was
Nothing more or less
SMEAR where the face was
Where it goes who knows
(easy come, easy go)

…Now sorrow replaces shame
Time clicks by and you wonder why the past gets closer to you every day.
What has this space become?
Which course is left to run?
Unbridled void now flowing free – seems that the damage is done

…And the conquest lingers on
Question not the known solemn fact that this is where you now belong
Be still - please refrain!
Embrace the vanity stain!
Memories stripped, emotions run dry with the comfort of absence contained.
Track Name: Vapor In The Orphan Loop
Enter the spectrum pass
Waves of color throb
And be forever changed

Promise of all I yearn
Snare set and soon collapsed
There's no returning now

Now you are - A vapor in the orphan loop

Dripping a nervous sweat
They played me for a fool
Pale hands reach out for me

Now you are - A vapor in the orphan loop

Forever clutched inside
This error of endless woe
A constant swallowing

Now you are - A vapor in the orphan loop
Track Name: Begin The Hiss
These halls vibrate with a manic spew
I can see they're all paranoid
One of the batch breathes not the truth
Look for the fake in the game

Sound the green hunger
Begin the hiss today

(Your odor seeps, a guilty mist)

Try you might - Your motives betray you

An epitaph, both honest and cruel
Despair is no stranger here
We recognize what creeps out of the dark
Just as you reach for the door

Bind the morgue mother
As we begin the hiss today

(Damp with fever, wholly terrorized)

Try you might - Your conquests became you

Sound the green hunger
Begin the hiss
Track Name: Scum Gene (Trash Vibrato)
Violent breakthrough with bravado
Indigo creme spill

Viscera, Conqueror, Trash vibrato

From one look in it's eyes
You'll know just what it does
It ravages

Mythic scum gene does not reason
Glasshouse earthquake

Viscera, Conqueror, Trash vibrato

There's no dodging this bullet
So applaud it's sense of craft
It ravages

It's like a stab to the gut
As you take your final bow

Scum Gene (x3)

Take a bow (x3)
Take a bow (x3)
Take a bow (x3)