Vision Crimes

by Child Bite

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released January 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Child Bite Detroit, Michigan


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Track Name: Abysmal Splatter
As the population surges
And the balance goes out of control
The wastes of space have nothing better to do than get together & mix
their fluids
I see the rising plague - duplicating the bastard form
I see the bar fall down - 'til there's no standard at all

Abysmal Splatter!
Abysmal Splatter!
The sperm and egg made a waste of grey matter to carry the torch for
the new mongoloids

...oh I understand
It's time to let your big idea shine bright
Your persistence has finally paid off
You're finally somebody

We are, to be, abused, again
Extinction again
We are, to be, abused, again
Beg for death again

What does it really matter?
It's too late to spay & neuter the lot
The meek have inherited the earth, and as you can see the worst has already come

...not again
It's time to take out the garbage
Excellence was a myth; don't even try
Don't even think about it; don't even try...
Track Name: The Nerves
Shatter slicing, all feeling is leaving,
The nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves...

The body truly is a wonder

Blood is now pooling, instincts hijacking,
The nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves...

I want to take this chance right now
To thank you for this special gift
My experience of severing the nerves

Anatomy catastrophe
Discord in the system hub
They're screaming now! They're screaming now!
The body truly is a wonder

Muscle is healing, sensation returning,
Searchers are splitting, blood pool retracting
Fragments reforming, the trek is now ending,
Scar tissue concealing,
The nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves the nerves...
Track Name: Mutilation Revival
This is just a mutilation revival!

The fear has returned so form a line for the operation
Hand from above will guide mine as I'm cutting

This is just a mutilation revival!

Gone are the days of the individual
Your role is defined as somber servitude

This is just a mutilation revival!
Track Name: Life As A Parasite
You've got more than you need, don't look now
I'll take all I can get, please don't look now
This is just for survival, this is just for survival
It is my destiny, I have no choice...

I'm in search of a host
A giant beast to infest
Sink my teeth; I numb the source & start sucking
I'll be your invisible guest

It's life as a parasite...

So now I've been here for weeks
Assimilation success
This paltry amount of sustenance garnered
Shouldn't blow my cover just yet

That's life as a parasite...

I hear the curtain call now
A barnacle removed
The swift swipe of an omnipotent claw
Reduces this leech to gruel

That's life as a parasite...

Shut down, fucked off, done
Track Name: Puke For The Youth
Puke for the Youth x4

What's so great about a better, brighter future?
What's in it for me?
Your spawn will be your fine; what's mine is mine
I refuse to dig my own grave

I realize that I was taught as a child
But I still don't see the point
Your spawn will be your fine; what's mine is mine
Let's keep the competition at bay

Right into their eyes & their ears & their mouths
Your end is now near yet you don't make a sound

These kids think that I'm gonna just hand over the keys
Teach them how to do what I do, but better
Steal my life, hang me out to dry
Like some walking corpse roaming in an empty parking lot

The cycle is real, the cycle is long...
The cycle is wrong

Insecurity tightens the grip of my cold, dead hands
As if my hoarding ways ignore the limits of the beyond
This is post-mortem puke for you
Track Name: Worship
Worship the father
Slaughter the son
Snip off the tip of the blasphemer's tongue
Fantasy is life
Belief set stone
Now drink from the holy cup

"Oh my lord," the people say
"We feel you in our hearts"
Take the dark that festers our minds, and drain it
I need guidance, messiah
Orchestrate my every move
The forgiveness I seek is for the sins that you have bestowed

Protect us from the enemy
Be the shepherd to the lamb
Warmth in your embrace
There can be no other way than...

Worship is the answer
Worship is the way

Silence; in silence is our master
Master; our master saves the wretched
Wretched; the wretched pay the price
The price is free thought & truth in life

Bound by faith, the anointed
Ministries promise salvation
To feed on the fear of the meek, your benefactors come in droves
Atonement for your children!
Redemption in the afterlife
Turn yourself over freely, in every possible way

Infidels, devoured
They will never experience...
Track Name: Save Your Scream
The scent of young prey palpable
Feeding the mob's torrid desire
The bad seeds have been exposed
It's our duty to enforce exile

The citizens are calling to end the morbid parade
Inquisitors are drooling with their sacrificial blades
Hypocrisy is opportunity
An example must be made, and your timing's impeccable

Insanity's triumphed
Your body is reeling
The edge is so close now
You can't help this feeling
Your rights have all been stripped away...
(Save your scream!) You fell in their trap
(Save your scream!) You've lost all control
(Save your scream!) Slip into surreal
(Save your scream!) Now is the time
(Save your scream!) To save your scream

All eyes focused on our state
Deeming our values primitive
Morality has been localized
Judgment will be ours to decide

They truly are the puppets, violated in every way
Held over their heads - the fabled ghost, what an effective tool
Justice through faith, mental sodomy
The hourglass is apathetic to human suffering


(Save!) Insanity's triumphed, Your body is reeling
(Your!) The edge is so close now, You can't help this feeling
(Scream!) You fell in their trap, You've lost all control
(Save!) Slip into surreal (Your!) Now is the time