Child Bite / We Are Hex Split EP

by Child Bite

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released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Child Bite Detroit, Michigan


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Track Name: Gang Omega
Crawling through the dirt in this apocalyptic fantasy
It's time to prove yourself; it's time the boy becomes a man
Now the task of finding food & shelter isn't such a bore
Because instead of filing paper work you're busy slitting throats

Gang Omega x2

Mind is sound, but not for long
Civilization was a sick joke now the animal kingdom is our final hope
Slipping through my hands but it's not too late

Hunting, feeding, ending
Trapping, hoarding, ending
Sleeping, breeding, ending
Ending, ending, ending

Gang Omega!

I've got an uncontrollable urge
An ancestral curse
That sweet stink that keeps me coming back for more
And more and more and more

With hearts on our sleeves & immolation in our wake
I know this fucking thing is gonna break
The man on the moon starts to sing a somber tune
God bless his heart I think he's on the brink
Through the frost & the blight - a testing of our might
We return borrowed beef to the earth
The gang is all here, so without a single tear
Let's toast to the end of all humanity
Track Name: Sick & Subhuman
A human brain plays the role of open wound
Soaked in ridicule and then dried in solitude
These hands can grip, these hands can break
Beginning to see, beginning to understand the ways of the wild beast

The one I trusted most dug a hole inside my chest
This necessary evil promises peace
The living suffer x2
Nowhere else to go and nothing left to do
I hope they understand that they forced my hand

A trap for me to trip
A game of tit for tat
This is my condition, to be so sick & subhuman
Too late for sympathy
Too late for reasoning
I don't know why I'm like this, it's so sick & subhuman

The living suffer x2

CHORUS (extended)

Tear apart these families like pages from a book
Giving back what they deserve without a second look
With fear in their eyes & lies on their breath I see;
The living suffer

Tear apart like pages
Fear and lies
Sick & subhuman